Google Pixel and Abbott Freestyle Libre


I recently decided to ditch the Apple way of life and replace my family of Apple devices for good old Microsoft Windows and Android. As well as a growing dislike of Apple products generally, I had just got an insulin pump and was using the freestyle Libre flash glucose system. Neither had any compatibility with my Apple laptop or iPhone.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of devices I carry around I opted for an Android phone so I could use it with my Freestyle Libre. That didn’t work very well.

I went through four sensors in four days, my arms were red raw. When I spoke to Abbott they said the NFC from my new Google Pixel phone was wiping the sensors and can’t be used, alone with some other Nexus phones. To be fair to Abbott their customer service was very good and they replaced all the faulty ones.

So this is a warning to anyone thinking of using your phone as the Libre scanner – check it’s compatible first!


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