Experience with the Libre


Being diagnosed with type 1 at 25 was a big shock. Apart from the obvious problems and issues that come with it, one thing I really struggled with was how much the condition demanded from me, sucking the spontaneity out of life.

This was a real big thing to overcome for me, my previous life was dictated by impulse. I suddenly found myself having to be organised, prepared and careful all day, every day.
Then came the Freestyle Libre. The device that has turned blood glucose monitoring on its head.
I’ve been using it for about a year now, on and off and it’s changed  the way I live my life and improved the way I manage my diabetes. Not to mention an improved hba1c.
It’s given me back the freedom to not think or stress over my levels. It’s given me confidence to do the things I steered away from in the past because it was either too much hassle or out of my comfort zone.
There are numerous reasons why I can’t live without the Libre now. Like not having to prick my finger and draw blood – a huge improvement in quality of life. My fingertips can’t thank you enough.

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